Fireworks Alliance

Leaving San Francisco and setting up the fireworks while underway. It was a very smooth 6.5 hour trip (compliments to the tug crew) across the bay to Pittsburg. Once there we waited a bit past the scheduled start time to let it get darker, then set off the show with no major problems. Instead of having to tear down the show while underway back to San Francisco, the tug crew agreed to wait for us to finish. They actually managed to dock the barge (still attached to the tug) to a small boat dock in Pittsburg. I should have gotten a picture of that, but was too tired. After cleaning up we all jumped the 5 feet down to the dock and the barge slipped quietly out into the darkness. We met up with it back at Pier 50 the next morning to unload everything.

Movie of the show being fired (view from the tug boat looking down at guns): Click Here for Movie

Movie notes:

The camera was attached to the railing outside the wheelhouse of the tug boat. During the finale someone hit the camera and knocked it around, during this time you get to see us shooting the show for a few frames. I shot half the show, another person shot the other half. The other people on the barge were the show Operator (one in charge), a person keeping track of timing in case our radio link failed (we were synchronized to the music heard on shore), and the tug deckhand who was in communication with the captain.

The pause in the beginning WAS scripted, there were announcements during that time. I don't know what they were, all I hear in my headset is "Fire 1, Fire 2, ...".


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