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We have moved to a new country and are busy setting up our home and workshop.
We hope to be shipping PWC-1 Water Structuring devices again
soon.  There's a lot of paperwork we need to do so it's
taken longer than expected.

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Durand Interstellar, Inc. was founded in 1981 by Gerald (Jerry) Durand and Sharon Hurtley-Durand to design and build new and useful products, mainly theatrical devices.  We've since expanded into many other fields and products.

Our clients range from small start-ups through large companies including the US Government and we were listed with Dunn & Bradstreet and the US Small Business Administration.

Our products and designs are used world-wide and range from inexpensive entertainment and audio equipment through leading-edge medical, control, telecom, aerospace, pyro and test systems.

In 2020 we had to close our business and sold our property due to the virus panic. 

In 2021 we moved to a new building we had custom made in Goryachiy Klyuch, Russia.

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We have temporarily ceased selling all products, for more information contact us.

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Durand Interstellar
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